Can I use Engineered Wood Flooring in the Kitchen?

By 16th September 2019 August 12th, 2021 Inspiration

We get many people asking whether its a good idea to have engineered wood flooring in the kitchen, with concerns about the impact of heat, water and general wear and tear – however this is only a concern where solid or poor quality wood is used.

Our engineered wood flooring is an excellent choice for those wanting to bring the warmth and natural quality of real wood in to the kitchen. Due to the unique composition of engineered wood flooring, it is durable enough to withstand a high volume of traffic as well as high levels of moisture and humidity. If you combine that with a top layer of oak, which is the hardest wearing real wood, there really is very little to worry about.

Our engineered oak floors have durable surface treatments meaning there are just a few maintenance points to consider to get the best out of your floor:

  • When it comes to cleaning your engineered wooden floor, a daily sweep and damp mop should be all that’s required on an ongoing basis.
  • Mopping up any splashes and spills (especially greasy or acidic ones) immediately will help to avoid any staining.
  • Regular topping up of your floor finishes, such as oil or lacquer, will make sure that the wooden floor stays protected for the long run.

There are many details to consider when renovating or updating a kitchen, from the cabinets and worktops to the tiles, handles and appliances, but an engineered wood floor is sure to be a huge part of the ‘wow’ factor. Our wide range of engineered oak styles and colours will make it easy for you to find a floor that matches your taste and creates the perfect kitchen.

If we’ve not already convinced you that our engineered wooden floors are ideal in your kitchen, take a look at our inspiration gallery below.

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