Engineered Oak Flooring – The Perfect Home Upgrade

By 14th July 2022 Advice
Engineered Oak Flooring Hampton

Engineered oak flooring in Hampton is an incredibly desirable flooring solution, let’s examine the reasons as to why it is so sought after today. If you are new to the world of engineered oak flooring, the first thing to say is that it’s more affordable than solid oak flooring. Although engineered oak might look similar to solid oak, it offers many benefits over that of solid oak flooring.

Engineered oak flooring is composed of layers of plywood that are bonded together to form a solid core, with a top layer of real oak.

Engineered oak flooring sourced from Twickenham flooring suppliers is typically 3″ wide & 3′ in length. The good news is that engineered oak flooring is suitable for use in homes with underfloor heating, and is often more durable and easy to maintain than real wood flooring. Further great news is that engineered oak flooring in Hampton is easy to install, and whilst we’d always recommend professional installation, you could attempt to do the job yourself if you have at least some moderate experience with DIY.

High quality wood laminate flooring can also be refinished in the future too. A light sanding and re-lacquer will restore your floor to new once again. As previously stated; Engineered Oak Flooring Hampton has the look and feel of real wood, but is much more affordable to buy. Even once you’ve factored in the cost of expert installation from a reliable Engineered Oak Flooring Supplier, you’ll still have likely saved hundreds of pounds in comparison to a solid wooden floor.

In addition to all the benefits already listed, engineered oak flooring is so beautiful that it can transform any room that it’s installed in, plus it’ll increase the value of your property too, as prospective buyers will see your oak floor as a real asset.

Lastly, if you’re concerned about the environment (and let’s face it, we all should be), engineered wood flooring is environmentally conscious. Oak is sustainably sourced (check with your supplier to find out exactly where it originates from), plus it produces very little waste, much of which can be repurposed.

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