Parquet, Herringbone and Engineered Oak Flooring in Hampton



Today, more and more homeowners in Hampton are replacing their flooring with hardwood. Hardwood flooring is superior to other forms of flooring such as tile and laminate. But how? Let’s discuss some reasons you should consider hardwood flooring.

Easy to clean

Regular cleaning is crucial if you want your flooring to last long. If you have kids or pets, you will have to clean more often and the process can be taxing, especially if you’re using carpet or other flooring that’s difficult to clean. For example, you would need to do a lot of cleaning if a drink spills on your carpet flooring.

If your hardwood floor is dirty, all you need to do is damp-mop, sweep or vacuum it and all the dust and debris will be gone. You won’t have to worry about things like dust mites once you’re done cleaning. What’s more, the cleaning process is much faster.



No one wants the type of flooring that would need replacement or restoration every couple of years. Because of the solid material, hardwood floors aren’t easily dented or scratched. You can keep it in excellent condition by keeping it dry – this means cleaning drinks that spill on it or other stains immediately. If you are worried about things like scratches that kids or items in your house can cause, you can use area rugs.

Good for your interior design

Homeowners have been using hardwood floors for centuries. One of the reasons it never goes out of fashion is its elegance. They give your home a sophisticated look and blend with a wide range of colours. So, it’s not all about functionality when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Provides good air quality

Flooring types such as carpet trap animal dander, dust and other allergens which can cause diseases or trigger allergic reactions. That’s what you need to frequently clean such floorings to ensure that the indoor air quality is good. Note that laminate and tile flooring can also trap allergens because of their embossing and grout lines.

Fortunately, hardwood flooring does not trap any element. If the floor accumulates dust and debris, you can easily get rid of them.

Maintains its colour

One of the main challenges homeowners face with their flooring is the colour fading with time. This usually happens after some years and is made worse by staining. Although this can also occur with wood floors through exposure to natural light or general wear and use, it is possible to restore the floor back to former glory through sanding and refinishing.

Now that we have discussed the upsides of hardwood flooring, Southern Cross Flooring provides the following services:

Parquet flooring services in Hampton

We are dedicated to providing top-notch parquet flooring services in the Hampton area.

Herringbone flooring services in Hampton

Our specialists have many years of experience installing herringbone flooring.

Engineered oak flooring services in Hampton

We partner with Wood Connexions to provide Hampton residents with wood flooring products of the highest quality. If you need engineered oak flooring services in Hampton, get in touch with our professional team.

If you plan to use hardwood flooring, you need experts to do the installations to avoid problems in the future. We supply hardwood and offer reliable hardwood flooring installation services in Hampton.