9 Reasons to Choose a Wooden Floor

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The beauty of choosing to buy a wooden floor for your home is that it’s a product that’s suitable for just about any room in the house (just don’t install one in your bathroom). Whether it’s in a bedroom, living room, basement or conservatory a wooden floor will serve you well thanks to the invention of engineered wood. Even kitchens are perfect environments for the style of wooden floors, they just require a bit more care and attention to ensure they last.


Nobody designs their ideal home with dreams of walking on a plastic floor. Although the wood-effect vinyl and laminate floors that have become popular in recent years may help you save money on your budget, they will never last, look or feel anything like the real thing. If it’s a wooden floor you want, with all the beauty, grain and warmth that comes with it, then why settle for an imitation?


A high-quality real wood floor that is loved and looked after can easily last a lifetime. Why? Well a common floor species like oak is very hard wearing and ranks highly on the industry-standard Janka test, which evaluates how well a species withstands impact. This means an oak floor will dent and damage less easily than other options like beech, ash or walnut. More exotic species like maple, merbau or jatoba are even more durable than oak, but these are rare on the market and their price is reflective of that.


Not only will an investment in a new wood floor last you a lifetime, but it will also give you a return on that outlay should you decide to sell your home. Properties with wooden floors have been found to sell quicker and for 10% more money than comparable homes with carpet, vinyl or laminate products. Some even say that a wooden floor will give you a 70%-80% return on your investment and add up to 2.5% to value of your property.

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Wooden floors stand the test of time and not just from a durability perspective. Although trends of widths, colours and styles come and go, the raw materials of a wooden floor will always resonate with supreme style and beautiful interior design. From the sophistication of a herringbone parquet to the traditional look of single plank boards, there is an almost endless amount of ways you can style your new floor, all safe in the knowledge that it will never go out of fashion.

Environmentally Friendly

As a society it is becoming more and more important to lead a sustainable life, with greener choices. A wooden floor can be a part of that lifestyle, especially if the timber is sourced from an FSC-certified forest, which ours are. The FSC’s purpose is to set international standards for forest management, so purchasing an FSC floor guarantees sustainable practices in its production.

Low Maintenance

Keeping a wooden floor looking in top shape is much easier than people imagine. For most areas, regular sweeping or vacuuming will be more than enough to clean it, while having the added benefit of keeping abrasive dirt or grit off the floor’s surface. In addition liquid spills can quickly been wiped or mopped up in a matter of seconds compared to a carpet.


Talking of carpets, wooden floors are a far more hygienic option as they do not harbour dust mites, fleas or other parasites. This can be a particularly big selling point for pet owners, who will also benefit from less odours being left in their floor should they opt for wood.


Remember when we told you that a wooden floor was for life? Well that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the same looking floor forever. Over the course of its existence that floor will need to be sanded a number of times to refresh it. That sanding process will remove the inevitable scratches and dinks the wood has accumulated over time. At that point, you are handed a blank canvas of raw wood that can be treated with a coloured stain to give you a completely new look. In theory, you could change the colour of your floor every 5 years for 25 years if you really wanted to.

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