Hardwood Floor Installation Services

Have you considered hardwood floor installation in your home?

If so then now is the time to get in touch with the expert team at Southern Cross Flooring who’ll be able to provide professional help and advice, and when the time comes, install your beautiful new hardwood floor.

A new hardwood floor is an investment, one that you’ll never regret if you choose the right installation experts. Southern Cross Flooring’s truly dedicated team of professionals are ready to install your new quality hardwood floor to the very highest standards. With over twenty years of specialist experience, you can’t put a foot wrong with one of our floors!


We only source premium wood for our range of engineered hardwood flooring solutions. Oak flooring is particularly in demand and makes for a fantastic choice of floor.

Attention to detail

We don’t’ just install your floor. We fit skirting boards, trim doors, prepare the sub-floor and even remove and dispose of existing floor coverings.

Customised experience

We tailor our wood floor installation service to the unique requirements of your project. We always do a thorough job, leave nothing to chance, and are always here for consultation, restoration and  fitting.

Hardwood flooring utilises sawn planks from natural hardwood timbers, such as oak or walnut. Engineered hardwood flooring is a more expensive product than solid hardwood because it is constructed with a real wood top layer bonded to multiple layers of plywood. This construction makes the floor perfect to use with underfloor heating.

  • It is important to keep hardwood floors clean and moisture free, avoid causing damage from furniture by fitting pads on the feet of all your furniture. Avoid any standing water on hardwood flooring, and it’s important to choose appropriate cleaning products.
  • The durability of hardwood floors depends on factors such as finishing style, the type of wood used, what room it is in, and how well it is maintained. We don’t recommend installing hardwood flooring in bathrooms, for example.
  • Well-maintained hardwood floors, with the proper level of care, can last for decades, offering real value for your investment. They are available in a variety of distinctly sized cuts, and are made from real pieces of solid or engineered wood, with natural grains and tones, from light browns, to neutral greys, and rich reddish bronzes.

Currently, oak and walnut are the most common hardwoods chosen for hardwood flooring.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood flooring was created to make installing wood floors over any surface easier. Engineered wooden planks are often wrongly associated with laminate and vinyl flooring as imitation wood. However the planks do consist of a layer of real wood, often 4 or 6mm thick. The rest of the floor is made from multiple layers of plywood and is bonded to the real wood top layer to make it strong, sturdy and suitable for almost any room in the house.

  • Engineered hardwood does not always require underlayment for wood flooring, as it can be glued directly onto concrete, and over under-floor heat systems.
  • Installation will differ according to the specific requirements of the home. A wooden subfloor like original pine floorboards, for example, can have engineered hardwood nailed to it over an acoustic soundproofing underlayment.
  • Engineered wood contains less hardwood than a solid hardwood floor as it only features a top wear layer of real wood.

The differences between the two types of wood flooring become less apparent once the raw materials are fitted. We always recommend professional installation and will be happy to quote for any wood floor solution that you choose.


The key to effective flooring is in the installation. We believe that fixing all wooden floors down (either with glue, nails or both) is essential to a long lifespan. The benefits of fixing a wood floor down include:

  • Reduced movement as a result of temperature or humidity changes
  • A more pleasant and stable feeling underfoot
  • Increased longevity

Southern Cross Flooring provides premium installations, we don’t cut corners and we don’t take chances with your floor. This means we can be fully confident in the quality of each and every floor that we fit. To complement our installation, we offer a comprehensive range of services that include :

  • Removing and disposing of existing floors (including carpets, wood floors and laminates)
  • Sub-floor preparation. This is key to obtaining quality results, and we can install a plywood base to existing joists. With concrete surfaces we may recommend using a levelling compound and damp-proofing measures.
  • Whatever flooring solution you choose, our work is fully guaranteed. We work professionally, we stick to the quotes provided, and to your schedules.
  • Skirting board work. We undercut existing skirtings for a flush finish. We can also supply new boards, or remove and refit existing ones.
  • We offer oak threshold bar installation and door trimming should you require these for your hardwood floor installation.
  • At Southern Cross Flooring, our team of specialist wooden floor fitters provide professional oak flooring and underlayment for wood flooring.
  • We tailor our wood floor installation service to your unique requirements.
  • Each and every floor we fit is fixed in place, so once we’ve finished, you know you’ll have a stable and sturdy wooden floor to enjoy for many years to come.
  • It all starts with a pre-arranged site visit, which costs you nothing and has no obligation. This gives us the chance to meet you in person and understand your specific needs. If you’re looking for a supply and fit service, we can show you wooden floor samples at this stage.
  • After our first consultation we’ll supply a fully comprehensive quote, so know exactly what the job entails and how much it will cost. We’ll also inform you of our step-by-step process, so you know exactly what to expect when we commence work.
  • Our range of European wood flooring solutions are designed and built to exacting standards to ensure that you have a beautiful wooden floor that looks superb for many years to come. Our floors are manufactured with precision, maintaining the values of traditional craftsmen to create the finest flooring solutions on the market today.
  • You can choose from engineered oak in 10 alternate colours, including; Amber, Raw Look, Filbert, Puff, Sandstone, Dainty, Delight, Dusty, Praline and Castle.