Hardwood Floor Restoration

Is your hardwood flooring starting to look a bit tired?

Have you recently moved into a house with hardwood floors that could do with some attention? Or are you looking to sand back your existing wooden floor and revamp its look?

Hardwood floor restoration involves a series of processes, typically including sanding and refinishing. Whatever your floor restoration requirement, get in touch with the experts at Southern Cross Flooring today and we’ll be in our element refinishing hardwood floors, or preserving / restoring your floorboards.

Have you been considering floor restoration, but have held back due to fear of a perceived high cost?

We’re here to tell you that our services can be very affordable when compared to installing new wood floors. We consider high quality hardwood floor restoration as a true investment, one that will keep your floor looking beautiful for years to come, and will increase the cost of your home, should you ever come to put it on the market.

It’s worth bearing in mind that solid hardwood floors can be repeatedly sanded-down and finished with a new wood stain multiple times over their lifetime, and with an expert touch, they can be made to look as good as new. Engineered hardwood can also be sanded and refinished several times but must not exceed the total thickness of the wood’s wear layer. This means homeowners may consider changing the look of their hardwood flooring from time-to-time to reflect their taste, regardless of the type of wood floor they have.

Why opt for restoration of your hardwood floor, instead of replacement?

Do you often look down at your floor and note all of the scratches and the stains? Does your floor have distinct dark patches of wear in some areas? Or does your floor have distracting discolouration?

Typically, high traffic areas like hallways and kitchens will feature more scuffs, scratches, chips and staining quicker than other areas. Fading and discolouration are also signs that your floor could really benefit from hardwood floor restoration. In such cases, it’s likely time for professional floor finishing / resealing. The sanding process removes much of these issues, instantly rejuvenating your floor.

Perhaps you’re worried that some areas of your floor are too heavily damaged to be sanded back?  Or perhaps you’re unsure of how best to treat and preserve your floor? Fear not, Southern Cross Flooring are here for you with expert help and advice. We tailor our hardwood floor restoration service to the unique requirements of your floor. From our initial consultation we will help you determine which areas of your floor require restoration, and which method is best. Whether its’ re-coating, sanding, or staining your solid hardwood floor, we can professionally take care of it all.

Key factors to keep in mind when considering hardwood floor restoration

Finish Quality – If the floor has been factory finished, additional sanding may be required to remove the full amount of coating as often up to 8 layers of lacquer can be applied during manufacture. In such cases where the previous finishing has degraded, or has been poorly executed, we may advise that sanding the floor back to bare wood is needed in order to make it look beautiful once again.

Wood Texture – If the floor has been given a texture by the manufacturer, such as brushing, tumbling or bandsawn effect, this will be removed during the sanding process and the final result will be a smooth floor .

Staining – Additional sanding may be required to get wood to a level where a lighter stain can be applied, if we have to sand down through existing darker stain.

Drying Times – Whether lacquer or oil is used to refinish the floor there will be a period of time where the finish needs to dry. Some products take longer to dry than others and so the floor area cannot be used. In areas such as bedrooms or kitchens, alternative arrangements may need to be made.

Hardwood Floor Restoration Process

During our restoration process, we utilise our specialist sanding machinery that features efficient dust extraction. That means we can offer our customers a virtually dust-free service, with only the minimum level of disruption whilst we work.

When sanding floors we will work through various grits of sandpaper to first remove any old finish and grit in the floor, and then buff the surface to a flat and smooth finish. We then begin sealing the floor with the chosen finish products.

At Southern Cross Flooring, we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to each and every customer, and we commit to being there for you whenever you need us.

Alongside our hardwood floor restoration services, we also provide:

  • Removing and disposing of existing flooring (including carpets, wooden floors and laminates)
  • Repairs and gap filling. If required, we can fill any gaps between the floor with a dedicated synthetic material combined with sawdust from the floor. We also replace or fix down loose and damaged boards where needed.
  • Guaranteed, quality work. We will ensure that the job gets completed on time, and at the price we quoted. If we uncover any unforeseen extra work we communicate these with you ASAP and approve them before continuing!
  • Dust-free service. You needn’t worry about dust as we can seal off the entire area with plastic sheeting before sanding the floor with our machinery. Our powerful dust extractors all connect to our tools and keep your home unpolluted by dust.
  • Our finishing team will go over your floor with varying decreasing levels of sanding grit until your floor is perfectly smooth.
  • It all starts with a pre-arranged site visit which costs you nothing, and has no obligation. This gives us the chance to meet you in person and understand your specific needs. If you’re looking for a supply and fit service, we can show you wooden floor samples at this stage.

After our first consultation we’ll supply a fully comprehensive quote, so know exactly what the job entails and how much it will cost. We’ll also inform you of our step-by-step process, so you know exactly what to expect when we commence work.