Parquet Floor Installation

Have you considered decorative parquet flooring, but haven’t yet committed to the decision because of its perceived high cost?

It’s easy to see why parquet flooring is so desirable, and why this unique style of French flooring is highly sought after. But you might be surprised at how much value it can add to your house.

Southern Cross Flooring are experts in parquet flooring installation and wooden floor fitting.

The term parquet originates from French architecture, and refers to flooring made with small wooden blocks that fit together to create geometric patterns. Traditionally, each piece was cut and fitted by hand and nailed to the subfloor, before being scraped and finished with a coat of varnish.

Typically parquet flooring features geometric patterns in herringbone or mosaic styling. It was highly popular amongst French aristocracy residing in opulent French castles in the 1600’s. Designs and styles from that period also include; Versailles (named after the original castle at Versailles), Chantilly (named after another French castle), checkerboard, mosaic, and basket weave.

Over the years, resplendent homes have continued to feature parquet floors, but Laying Parquet flooring has recently enjoyed a resurgence amongst more modest homes, with an increasing desire among homeowners to use natural materials with traditional craftsmanship methods. Due to this rise in popularity, you can now see parquet flooring laid in entrance halls, living rooms, and dining areas.

Southern Cross Flooring’s Contemporary Parquet Wood Floor Patterns

When deciding which Parquet Wood Floor Pattern would best suit your home, first consider it’s architectural styling and its age. For homes with traditional spaces, it’s a good idea to choose a complementary parquet. Being made of wood, parquet floors are available in many different patterns and styles. Southern Cross Flooring offers all of the most popular classical designs, including Herringbone and Chevron.

  • Herringbone – This flooring pattern installation consists of same-sized rectangular blocks, partially staggered in a zig zag arrangement. The pieces are pre-cut at 90° on the ends to create a stunning visual. Herringbone flooring installations are very popular in contemporary homes.
  • Chevron – Chevron flooring installations are cut at 45° angles (as opposed to the 90° of herringbone). The pattern resembles a long string of arrows with the wooden Chevron planks meeting in perfect points. It creates a distinct impression and makes for a very impressive floor design, though it’s often wrongly identified as the herringbone pattern. To make it look even more distinct, some variations feature 60° angle cuts instead. This design can result in an optical illusion that can make smaller rooms look larger and more spacious.

The areas of your home which aren’t inhabited as often, such as the guest bedroom, home office, and the hobby room can be made to look even grander by laying parquet flooring.

Traditionally artisans would piece together custom parquet flooring, but today the vast majority of parquet flooring on the market comes in predetermined dimensions of thickness, width and length. These blocks will be manufactured either as solid wood or engineered wood and each block must be glued down to the sub floor with care and precision.

Distinct Advantages of Parquet flooring

Two words accurately and succinctly describe parquet flooring – Quality & Style. No other flooring solution on the market today can match the beauty of natural timber, and this is why wooden floors are so desirable.

Custom parquet features individual pieces of wood that are assembled in puzzle-like fashion to form mosaics, square motifs, and other intricate designs. Many homeowners choose to have parquet flooring installed in their home to make it look distinct and bespoke. Parquet flooring is also popular because :

  • It’s restorable – parquet flooring can easily be sanded, restored and refinished after a few years of wear and tear. Restoring parquet floors makes it look new again and can be done multiple times.
  • It has everlasting aesthetic appeal – parquet floor installations have long been considered highly desirable, appealing to sophisticated design enthusiasts.
  • Of it’s environmental sustainability – A stylish eco friendly choice for those who are environmentally conscious, helping to reduce the carbon footprint.

Parquet is made from real wood and should be laid by experienced professional wooden floor fitters. It is important to have flooring installed by an expert, who’ll be able to assess your room conditions for the correct laying methods and prepare the floor for a long lifespan. All parquet flooring should be glued to the sub floor to help prevent movement. Sub-floor preparation is often more important than the actual fitting of the parquet and can set up your floor for many years of use.

If you’re a competent DIY enthusiast and are looking for a challenge, you could give modern parquet flooring a go. We’d highly recommend choosing a simple pattern and choosing prefinished parquet tiles, which are available in a wide array of styles and patterns and are easier to cut and glue in place. The key to success with a DIY project such as this, is to source materials from a reputable supplier, one that only provides quality materials.

Parquet Flooring Maintenance

If you view your new parquet flooring installation as an investment and give it the appropriate care and attention it deserves, your parquet floor will look beautiful for many years to come. Parquet wood tiles can be hand fitted by our wooden floor fitters who will fix them to a wood or concrete subfloor. Our fitters use their knowledge, experience and training to ensure a perfect fit, and every order is sourced from extremely high quality materials. We’ll carefully measure moisture content and continually inspect your flooring throughout all stages of installation.

The Southern Cross trouble-free installation process ensures that you’ll have a beautiful new floor, but looking after it is down to you. Regular sweeping and vacuuming to remove grit, dust and debris is highly recommended. Occasional washing of the floor with dedicated solutions and a slightly damp mop is also advised, while felt furniture pads and entrance door mats provide additional protection.