Parquet Floor Restoration

Are you thinking about restoring your wooden parquet flooring?

Parquet floor restoration can be an arduous process that is often best left to experts. If you have been considering rejuvenating your parquet tiles with a new finish because they are currently looking a bit lacklustre, then you should be aware that refinishing can be a lengthy and labour intensive process. But don’t worry, our expert restoration team at Southern Cross Flooring will get your floor looking amazing once again, and save you the stress of tackling the job yourself.

Is your flooring starting to look a little tired? Or have you recently moved into a house that has parquet flooring that’s in need of some attention and you are considering wooden floor sanding?

Parquet flooring is widely admired and revered for its unique pattern and classic styling, but like all wooden flooring, it can show wear and age over time.

If you have been lucky enough to discover parquet flooring concealed beneath your carpet, then you might have found that it requires some expert care and attention to return it to its former glory.

  • At Southern Cross Flooring our team of experienced specialists can install and restore your parquet floors.
  • We can transform even the most aged and stained flooring into a stunning feature.
  • The beauty of wooden flooring is that it can be given a new lease of life without the need for replacement, all you need is some expert care and skill to make it look fantastic for many years to come.

Parquet Floor Maintenance

You should consider your current parquet flooring installation as a potential investment, and one that if you provide the right care for it, will increase the value of your home and look beautiful for decades to come.

  1. If your parquet flooring is currently looking dull and unremarkable, you may first consider refinishing your flooring. However, it might be that too much wear, grit and dirt has built-up on the surface of your floor, in which case our team can carefully strip the floor back, and refinish it, restoring it to how it should look.
  2. If your parquet floor has been damaged, you might be considering complete replacement of the whole floor. However, it may be that once we’ve assessed your flooring, we can offer parquet floor restoration which would include only partial replacement. In circumstances where a corrosive material has damaged your floor for example, or water has stained only a select few tiles, we may be able to offer a professional wooden floor sanding that sands that damage out. If you have a lot of loose or broken blocks, we’ll find wood that closely matches your current floor before replacing the damaged tiles with brand new or reclaimed ones.
  3. Where new sections require staining to match sections of your existing floor, our team of floor finishing specialists will ensure that we carefully blend new with old as closely as possible.
  4. Many homeowners prefer to fill all the gaps between wooden pieces, for a smooth and uniform appearance. This method is particularly preferred where flooring is to be stained, as stain can make any imperfections very noticeable. If you do desire this look for your flooring then we methodically use wood filler to smooth over such gaps and ensure an even surface.
  5. If you have parquet flooring that shows some light cosmetic wear, you may wish to take it in a new direction with some colour staining to give it a new lease of life. The team at Southern Cross Flooring will be happy to advise and demonstrate stain colours, to make sure you know what to expect with your finished floor. As with all of our stains, we will initially test it for you in a corner or spot that won’t be noticeable. This will help you to determine the exact finish that you’d like to achieve with your restored flooring.
  6. We can replace blocks after levelling the floor uniformly, removing traces of old bitumen. We then sand the entire surface to eliminate all traces of the previous varnish or lacquer. A clear stain enhances wood grain, whilst a coloured stain helps to match your floor with the décor of your walls.
  7. The final step in the parquet floor restoration process is to protect the floor with a lacquer finish, or if you prefer a beautiful natural look, a hard wax oil.

So, if you are excited to see what can be achieved with your restored parquet floor, you’ll be ensuring that your house will be even more desirable by adding significant value to it.

Parquet flooring is often removed and salvaged when homes undergo renovation. We believe in responsible recycling wherever possible and are happy to source previously used wood.

Why not get in touch with Southern Cross Flooring today and let us assess your floor and see if we can transform it for you. Our team of experts can bring your neglected and worn parquet flooring back to life, even where you have chipped, missing, or damaged blocks, we can fully restore it for you by matching wood and cutting to fit perfectly.

Southern Cross Flooring covers all aspects of parquet flooring installation, and specialise in wooden floor sanding and restoration. We promise to get your parquet floor looking as good as new in no time.