Vinyl Flooring Installation

Have you been looking at a cost-effective flooring solution that can transform the look of your home?

If so, it’s time to consider vinyl flooring as an effective, no-nonsense, budget-friendly flooring option.

Southern Cross Flooring has a premium rigid vinyl product that looks like real wood to the eye, and feels cushioned and comfortable underfoot. Vinyl flooring installation is suitable for virtually any room in the house, but is particularly effective in damp rooms, such as a utility room or a bathroom. Vinyl flooring features the winning combination of affordability and waterproofing… So, if you want to make floor cleaning as quick and simple as it can possibly be, it’s time to call Southern Cross Flooring’s vinyl flooring fitters.

Here are some further features and benefits of vinyl installation in case you’re still not 100% convinced :

  • Our range of water-resistant rigid vinyl floors come in a variety of different colours and styles.
  • With so many different styles available, you can choose the appearance of stone-effect tiles, hardwood-style planks, or even herringbone parquet designs.
  • Rigid vinyl does not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde, meaning it will not impact the air quality of your home.
  • Rigid vinyl planks do not lose their structural integrity when exposed to water, making them perfect for any damp room in your home.
  • Rigid Vinyl flooring is strong, stable and UV protected.
  • It is easy to maintain and is highly resilient. Vinyl is resistant to impact damage and abrasion.

There are two distinct forms of vinyl flooring to choose from :

  1. Rigid Vinyl plank flooring

Just like wooden floors, rigid vinyl plank flooring has a tendency to expand or shrink depending on the temperature that it is exposed to. Vinyl material expands when it gets hot and shrinks when it is cold. Southern Cross Flooring’s range of rigid vinyl comes with vinyl flooring underlayment attached as part of the manufacturing process. This helps to retain heat and reduce acoustic noise. Before fitting the floor we’ll inspect the sub-floor to ensure that it’s in good condition, and that it’s clean and ready for vinyl flooring installation. Your subfloor should be clean, smooth, flat, dry and without movement before vinyl is fitted. If you are looking to install vinyl over a wooden floor, you typically won’t have an issue with preparation, although a plywood base may be needed to correct imperfections. If you have a concrete floor, then a moisture barrier is likely to be required, as this will ensure that your vinyl will enjoy a long lifespan.

If you’re considering investing in vinyl plank flooring, our rigid vinyl range with pre-backed vinyl flooring underlayment is a very cost-effective option. This layer helps to reduce acoustic sound below the floor and will help keep your feet warm during the colder winter months.

  1. Rigid Vinyl tile

Many homeowners choose rigid vinyl tile or tile flooring, which mirrors the look of a ceramic tile floor at a more affordable cost. Vinyl tile floors are often installed in commercial settings where there’s high traffic, or where a clean, static-free environment needs to be maintained. It is a very versatile and cost effective choice for any household, especially suited to those areas that have a significant amount of moisture. Vinyl installation is a popular choice for those looking to renovate their home and reduce maintenance. Here is some further information for you to consider :

  • High durability and resilience for heavy traffic areas.
  • Not only is it comfortable under foot, but it also reduces noise levels.
  • It is very easy to install and maintain and is a very affordable option when compared with other flooring solutions on the market.
  • Vinyl flooring is available in a large range of colours and patterns to match every home and taste. You can even choose from hardwood grain effects.
  • Before you decide which rooms to install vinyl in, you should bear in mind that vinyl floors aren’t suitable for rooms with drainage systems in place, such as walk-in showers.
  • Although UV protected, colours can fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight. Flooring can also be damaged by extreme temperatures. For that reason, we wouldn’t recommend vinyl be used for outdoor locations, or areas that bridge the two, such as sheds.
  • Vinyl tile installation requires a very smooth existing foundation, as any bumps, movement or indentations in your sub-floor can cause the vinyl tile’s locking system to fail.

The Southern Cross Promise

We can take care of removing and disposing your existing flooring (including carpets, wood floors, and laminates). If required we can prepare your subfloor to ensure that you have a perfectly smooth surface to lay vinyl floor over. We recommend a well sanded plywood subfloor, giving a pleasurable feeling underfoot that ensures smoothness and uniformity.

We guarantee a professional, hassle-free experience and are available whenever you need us for expert help and advice, plus we also offer a 12-month guarantee of our workmanship.

Get in touch with Southern Cross Flooring now, for your perfect new rigid vinyl floor.