The origin Story of Parquet Floor Installations

By 15th February 2022 April 11th, 2022 Advice
Parquet and herringbone floor installations

We immediately think of an exquisite, refined look when we hear the words parquet floor installation. Parquet offers elegance to any room, and it’s sure to make a real statement in your home. It’s very easy to see why parquet floor installations are so popular to this day, and why this particular type of French floor design is in such high demand. So much so, that a new parquet floor installation could increase the value of your home.

Origins of the Herringbone Pattern

It’s a design that’s been around for millennia. The herringbone pattern can be traced back to Ancient Rome, which first used it as early as 500 BC. Wooden flooring was a latecomer to the party, with evidence indicating that it did not become truly popular until the early 16th century. The François I Gallery of Fontainebleau in France is listed as one of the first documented Herringbone flooring installations. During his reign, it is thought that François I enlisted Italian craftsmen to finish his floors. The design grew in popularity after this and can still be found today in many distinguished properties.

The Design

Herringbone floor installation consists of small wooden blocks that are cut into precise rectangles and arranged in a zig-zag fashion. The parquet blocks are all the same size, though the pattern is staggered to give a sophisticated, fascinating look. As the name suggests, the design is reminiscent of herring fish bones.

Parquet and herringbone floor installations

Parquet Floor Installation advantages:

Quality and style are two terms that accurately and succinctly characterise parquet floor installations. Natural wood has a beauty that no other flooring solution on the market can match, which is why hardwood floors are still so popular to this day. Many homeowners choose parquet floor installation for their homes to give them a unique character. Parquet flooring is also popular due to its following benefits:

  • It can be refinished  – after a few years, parquet flooring may be sanded, repaired, and refinished. Parquet flooring can be restored numerous times to make them look like new once again.
  • It has a timeless appeal – parquet floor installations have long been regarded as highly desirable by discerning homeowners.
  • Due to its environmental sustainability – A trendy eco-friendly option for those who care about the environment, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Maintenance of Parquet Flooring

If you treat your new parquet flooring installation as an investment and give it the proper care and attention it deserves, your parquet floor will be sure to last for many years. Southern Cross Floorings hardwood floor installation team can hand-fit parquet wood tiles to your existing wooden or concrete subfloor.

All of Southern Cross Floorings wood is of extremely high quality and is ethically sourced. Their expert fitters will ensure a flawless fit with minimal disruption. Throughout the installation process, they’ll take frequent measurements of moisture content to ensure the best possible results.

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