What an Engineered Oak Flooring Supplier Can Do for Your Hampton Home?

By 21st April 2022 Advice
engineered oak flooring supplier

With a natural oiled sheen, engineered oak flooring has a distinct charm that suits both traditional and contemporary homes. If you wish to bring your flooring up-to-date, or give it a fresh new lease of life, Southern Cross Flooring are an Engineered Oak Flooring supplier in Twickenham who can really help you to transform the look of your wooden flooring.

1. With you for the long run

Engineered oak flooring is in part so desirable because of its longevity. Engineered oak features layers of wood that’s finished-off with a real oak veneer, which combines to offer a highly durable and attractive flooring solution. This makes it a great choice for more challenging environments such as kitchens. Although we recommend exercising caution when installing engineered oak in a kitchen due to the high moisture content, engineered oak outperforms other flooring due to its inherent ability to expand and contract. When deciding between a solid wood and engineered oak wood flooring, this is one of the most important factors to consider.

2. Easier on your wallet

The cost of Engineered Oak flooring, when compared to solid hardwood flooring, is less expensive overall. It should be noted that solid wood flooring does take longer to install too. If you’re going to pay for professional installation of engineered oak flooring in your Hampton property, it’s important to get a quote before the work commences.

Engineered Wood Floor Installation, The Premium Choice!

3. Easy installation

Engineered oak flooring from a Twickenham based supplier is easy to install. Wooden planks fit together precisely thanks to a simple tongue and groove mechanism. Engineered oak wooden flooring can either be installed by a professional, or if you have some DIY experience you could do the job yourself. However, a professional may save you both time and money in the long run, and they’ll likely finish the job quicker than you could do yourself. Your local engineered oak flooring supplier will be happy to give you a timescale estimate for the job.

4. Easy to manage

It couldn’t be easier to keep engineered oak flooring in good condition. However, whilst this type of flooring is less prone to moisture damage than hardwood, it cannot withstand large volumes of water, so make sure to protect it. Clean dust and dirt using a vacuum cleaner or soft-bristled brush, then wipe it down with a slightly moist mop. In the case of spills, just wipe them up as quickly as possible to minimize staining – even if your flooring is lacquered and oiled.

5. Lasting appearance

Maintaining the appearance of your floor over its lifetime is important. Your engineered oak flooring supplier will be able to sand down your floor to remove scuffs and scratches, and we recommend that you choose wood with a thicker top layer to allow for this. Once it’s been sanded down, they can refinish it with a laqueur own oil to bring your floor back to life. You can even choose a new finish to give your floor a whole new look!

6. Make you floor your own

The range of engineered wooden flooring products on the market is extensive. There’s truly something for every home – no matter what style of property you have. Choose from contemporary styles for the most modern of homes, to darker exotic-looking flooring for the more traditional home.

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