Parquet flooring: why is it a good choice?

By 4th March 2022 Advice
parquet flooring in Twickenham, Hampton

Calling homeowners in Twickenham and Hampton! This piece is for you if you’ve been wondering if you should install Parquet flooring in your home. Wooden parquet flooring, which consists of tiles formed from small pieces of hardwood that are arranged in a repeating pattern, has traditionally been very popular in the U.K.

During the 1960s, it seemed like practically every home had parquet flooring in either the kitchen, dining room, study, or hall. In 2022 Parquet flooring is once again gaining popularity, with many new homeowners in Twickenham and Hampton choosing to install this luxurious, beautiful form of flooring, over laminates and vinyl. Wood, as time has proved, is ever fashionable.

The advantages of Parquet flooring

If you choose parquet flooring in Twickenham, you can enjoy a style that’s a little bit different and more refined than other flooring solutions. It’s benefits include:

  • Classic, intricate design
  • Easy installation which requires no initial finishing.
  • Ideal for mid-century homes.
  • If required, you can refinish a parquet floor in the future.

Parquet Flooring Maintenance

Parquet flooring can be cared for in the same way that you would any other hardwood floor. Sweeping and dry mopping with a microfibre mop on a daily basis will really help maintain its appearance. Wet spills and stains should be mopped-up instantly with paper towels and then wiped with a damp cloth. The whole floor should be cleaned once or twice a month with a dedicated wood flooring cleaning product. Waxes can make floors slippery and harm the polish, so stay away from applying them yourself. With parquet flooring, you should never use a steam mop because moisture can seep into the wood.

Sanding and refinishing are possible with modern parquet flooring that’s composed of solid hardwood, rather than from veneers, but because the wood grain direction alternates so much, it makes sanding and refinishing a tricky job if you don’t have experience. For this reason professional refinishing is highly advised.

If you wish to rejuvenate the finish, you can do so yourself with very lightly abrasive sand paper, before applying a fresh layer of varnish on top.

Oak wooden floor fitted in a living room

Aesthetic Appeal

Parquet tiles consist of many smaller pieces of wood, which gives the floor depth and a three-dimensional appeal. Parquet flooring is perfectly suited to mid-century modern homes, and if you have your parquet floor professionally installed (which we most certainly recommend that you do), you can choose between a range of different shades of varnish.

Durability & Comfort

As a form of hardwood floor, parquet flooring in Hampton has many of the same inherent characteristics. Underfoot, wooden floors feel softer and warmer than hard floors made of ceramic or stone tiles, but wood is colder and harder than carpet, cork, or luxury vinyl. You can use rugs with parquet flooring in key areas to make them even comfortable to walk on, and to reduce sound levels.

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